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RGS combines sales with design and custom-tailored technology solutions to meet existing specialized requirements and accommodate growth at any scale.

Navigating the ever-growing expanse of products and understanding rapidly changing technology is a daunting task even under the best of conditions. RGS takes the pain out of that task, leveraging our premier partnerships with leading technology partners, such as Intel®, to bring to you best- of-breed solutions . Our engineers and experts work with you to design and deploy a complete solution, integrating Intel® Retail Client Manager (RCM) software with associated hardware and services to offer a complete portfolio of solutions for Digital Signage, Point of Information and Interactive Applications. We are your single source for a complete, fully integrated and supported solution, enabling retailers to drive value to their sales and marketing campaigns.

The RGS Retail Digital Signage Content Management/Media Player solution brings together hardware, software and services into a single turnkey solution, supported by a single vendor, RGS. The Intel® RCM software gives retailers the ability to rapidly create, control and manage content remotely and securely, and can be bundled with the Digital Signage Media Player, RGS displays and support services. We have the knowledge and expertise, products and support to create the digital signage experience you want.

Designed around the Intel® Next Unit of Computing (NUC) and Core™ i5 Processor Technology, the RGS Digital Signage Content Management/Media Player provides a platform for superior performance. Add to that a Microsoft® Embedded OS, McAfee Security software, and the Intel® Retail Client Manager (RCM) for content management and hosting, and you have a fully integrated solution that delivers value to drive your sales and marketing campaigns.

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Learning is the priority. Technology is simply the enabler.

School districts today are being pressured to improve teacher performance and student success measured by test scores. Technology is at the forefront of this mandate in the U.S. However, it’s difficult for educational leaders across the country to make a logical and meaningful connection between technology in the classroom and learning efficacy.

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Storiant™ (formerly SageCloud)

RGS and Storiant have partnered to bring a first-of-its-kind object based cold storage solution for archival, backup and big data. RGS Cold Storage Solution offers a cost-effective and powerful solution that is designed in accordance with OCP principles. The result is a highly reliable cold data storage system on disk that approaches the cost of storage on tape. The combined solution will be offered as an on premise solution for IT storage professionals who are operating their own data centers or for ISP’s seeking to improve the cost-efficiencies of their cold storage service offerings.

The RGS Cold Storage Solution solutionprovides cold storage in fully loaded, power efficient rack cabinet(s) with power management, networking, servers and storage ranging from 1PB to 1.3PB, are ideal for a variety of sectors, including financial services, healthcare, media and entertainment, government and cloud services. What’s more the solution is supported by the Avnet ecosystem, and includes a fully integrated, certified and tested rack that is installed by RGS professionally trained technicians.

“With this relationship in place, information technology (IT) and internet service provider (ISP) customers will have solutions that dramatically lower their data storage costs,” said Jeff Flowers, Storiant founder and CEO. “As data storage costs and requirements outstrip IT budgets, particularly as a result of big data platform adoption, affordable cold data storage is a must-have.”
In today’s competitive market, a solution like RGS Object Storage offers customers a fully designed, integrated and installed solution that not only fits their stretched IT budgets, but addresses their most pressing data storage needs.

pdf icon RGS Cold Storage Solution

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Visual Solutions

In an ever increasing digital society, communicating business value and making a visual impact by way of visual or digital solutions will soon become the norm. RGS provides customers with end-to-end integrated systems and services for Point of Information (POI), Industrial Display and Media Player applications. Stay tuned for more information on how to improve sales and profits with RGS visual solutions.

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Security and Surveillance Solutions

According to IHS Technology, video surveillance revenue in 2014 is expected to rise to $15.9 billion, up from $14.1 billion in 2013. RGS security and surveillance turnkey solutions offer the ideal opportunity to capitalize on this rapid growth trend. Expect more from RGS in 2014 on custom security systems with a variety of camera package and installation.